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Carcasse, tu trembles? Tu tremblerais bien d'avantage si tu savais ou je te mene

...you met me at a very strange time in my life...

In short: Adding is good, adding is fun, I talk a lot, say hi and jump in XD

Summed up:

alchemywow: abbichicken has survived many years as a soldier of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find her, maybe you can hire the The Chicken.

tweeasfuck: abbichicken is worshipped as a Goddess of Wrath in some regions of Mongolia.

I don't add here any more. Feel free to add me wherever you found this, but this is basically lockdown for the old days, and if I know you here, I'm glad you're still around :)

Once in a blue moon I write fic, sometimes graphic fic, almost always slashfic, occasionally bloody unpleasant fic. Consider this your first, last and every warning.

24, aik, alexander skarsgård, american beauty, american psycho, andriy shevchenko, angelina jolie, angels of the universe, arsenal, battle royale, blade runner, bloodplay, bring it on, buffy, caprica, chang chang solar pig, chelsea, chris moyles, christian bale, dandy warhols, daniel craig, danish, dean winchester, diet coke, doctor who, drew barrymore, drive, eddie izzard, eidur gudjohnsen, erik lehnsherr, f1, fat weasel, fight club, final fantasy, football, freddie ljungberg, french, fruits, gary oldman, glee, going to the gym, hawaii five-0, heikki kovalainen, helsinki, heroes, how i met your mother, icebat, inception, inglourious basterds, iron man, jack bauer, james franco, jeppe, joe orton, johan harstad, jonas malmsjö, jonathan rhys meyers, journey into space, jude law, jupiter ascending, kiefer sutherland, kierkegaard, kill bill, kimi räikkönen, kinky bastardism, knives, lady gaga, languages, leather jackets, leon, little mix, london, lord of the rings, lost, mansun, markus rosenberg, master and commander, menthol cigarettes, metallica, michael fassbender, mikael forssell, miley cyrus, mindy kaling, miroslav klose, miyazaki, monty python, mulholland drive, murakami, muse, my chemical romance, nashville, neon genesis evangelion, new girl, nietzsche, night circus, patrick wolf, paul bettany, paulo ferreira, phasmid, pippin, prometheus, qaf, radio four, raging bull, reino nordin, reservoir dogs, rikku, robert downey jr, russian, sami hyypiä, sean bean, serie a, sharpe, sherlock holmes, silver linings playbook, spaced, spirited away, star trek, steampunk, stephen fry, stephen maturin, stockholm, stuart pearce, suede, supernatural, sweatspitchocolate, swedish, taxi driver, taylor swift, the archers, the hobbit, the olympics, the west wing, thierry henry, thunderstorms, top gear, totoro, true blood, vanilla sky, velvet goldmine, venison, warm things, watchmen, weightlifting, whisky, withnail & i, wolverine, x japan, x-men


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